Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation part 8

From the preliminary task to the final product I feel that I have learnt a lot. Refining is key going back over things and adjusting, what helps this is feedback. The more feedback we got when creating the title sequence the more we found faults or ways to improve our idea this helped because by questioning what we was creating we went back and was able to create and edit so that our story was more clear. For example due to the order the footage was in the audience was given the impression that the woman was his target and he was going to shoot her. To solve this we placed the push tracking shot of the door after the shooting scene to give the audience the real understanding that the man’s target was his home.

Creativity, research and planning was mine and Michaels best areas, from the start we had an idea strait away of what we wanted and our planning was strong. We produced a clear story board and I animated what we wanted our title sequence to roughly look like.

Our less successful area of creating the title sequence would be digital technology at the beginning as we used the wrong type of camera which had negative effects on the overall video quality which caused us to reshoot.  The editing software caused issues as we could not add effects or render work at some points during production this caused us to slow down our working speed however we looked for other elements to work on such as sound to be used in the title sequence.

evaluation part 6

We attracted male audiences using mise en scene, we feature weaponry such as guns which males are stereotyped to like and find fascinating. especially as there are war games like battlefield and modern warfare which are predominantly played by males.

Our title sequence attracts females due to the planning and idea of a wedding happening within the film the magazines used show dresses that every woman would want and also shows jewellery such as the rings which is something women would be stereotypically interested in.

I feel we successfully reached our audience as we produced a title sequence that show male and female interests such as jewellery and wedding material for women and weaponry that would interest men. our title sequence is also realistic and mature which is what the target audience would want as there interested in finding out about real experiences and action that revolves around a soldiers life.

feedback we was given was that the shot of the wedding rings was good as it clearly showed marriage and romance so when we re-filmed we tried to keep that feel of the scene but aimed to make it visually better by increasing the amount of light in the scene so that the jewellery would shine more.

the least successful part of the title sequence according to feedback was how the shoes were placed infront of a door in which they felt it was too staged so when re filming we placed them by a wall to make it seem more spontaneous and real.

evaluation part 5

Our characters in the film Half-way home are British and this has been represented to the audience through the stereotype that British people drink tea. This is done using mise en scene in the shot were the female makes herself a hot drink which we decided should be tea because of where she comes from and other cultures relate tea drinkers to British society. We also represented soldiers as people who are distant from family as in our title sequence we never showed the male and female in the same scene suggesting they are apart from each other, we tried to emphasise this a lot using mise en scene and cinematography to create symbolism like the couples items being apart and distant this is done to reflect that he is a soldier and away goes away from home.

 Our title sequence also represents men as having more outdoor life styles and doing more active activates as the man is shooting outside compared to the woman who is only showed indoors. The title sequence is also stereotypical of women suggesting they like to look at magazines as the female character observes a wedding magazine when planning for her own wedding.

The man also uses a gun (air rifle) in the title sequence this is aimed to express that the man is in the army as they are usually the only people allowed to shoot so by showing him holding a gun the aim was to present him as a soldier which he is. Being a soldier he is also presented as strong and dominant this is a stereotypical view and attitude about men this is important because the male character fight his way to get back home to his fiancée in the film.

Evaluation part 2

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation part 3

Evaluation part 7

Evaluation part 1: Brief

I worked alongside Michael and our brief was to create a story for a film and produce a title sequence for the film idea. We came up with three film names and collected opinions from audiences and as a result of the research, we went with the title 'Half-way home'. Me and Michael wanted to create an action based film but didn't want the typical single genre so we decided to add romance making the film an action-romance which we was both happy with. also this multi-genre allowed us to attract a wider audience (females).

In our title sequence we have placed symbolic clues and meaning using mise en scene and cinematography. for example  the camera tracks upwards from the plane so that it vanishes below this a subtle insight into what shall happen as in the story the soldiers plane goes down. we also separate the man and woman onto two sides of the screen this shows there distance, especially when there objects are in the same scene like the shoes there is distance between them because in the film the move apart.